Why Us?

We produce ourselves more than 95% of our portfolio, which assure our clients the traceability they need and that all processes have been made the RIGHT way.

We produce 365 days of the year, which assure our clients that they’ll have their product all year around without exception.

We have the capacity to package as our client’s request.

We have the capacity to produce any product and volumes that our clients or the market require.

Employee Education Plan
Education plan for employees’ children
Dental Plan
Funeral Insurance

Employee Wellness
Social Benefits

We are governed by the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) to rigorously comply with all the requirements of the Colombian Institute of Agriculture to reduce its environmental impact.
We comply with the requirements of international certifiers such as Primus GFS and Global GAP, providing products of excellent quality with the lowest possible environmental impact.
We use a combination of agrochemical and biological products to reduce the environmental impact and offer a healthier product to its consumers.
We work with third parties to ensure that agrochemical residues are disposed of safely and without affecting the environment.
We plan to initiate reforestation plans in the medium term to make a positive contribution to the environment.

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